GRAPHIC: ISIS Issues Chilling Warning To US In Horrifying New Video – Targeting THESE Two American Cities


June 27, 2016 7:55pm PST

Weeks after the Orlando terrorist attack that left 49 people dead, ISIS has released a disturbing new propaganda video in which they honor the shooter and reveal their next two targets in the United States.

The Political Insider reported that the video began with footage of the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub shooting along with images of shooter Omar Mateen. The footage then cuts to scenes of Barack Obama making statements in the Oval office with images of blood superimposed onto the screen.

Later in the video, ISIS militants revealed that there next targets are either San Francisco or Las Vegas. Shaky camera footage was shown of the Golden Gate bridge, implying it was taken with a cell phone by a militant who was visiting the bridge itself.

This proves that despite what Obama says, ISIS has NOT been contained, and they pose a very real threat to America. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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