GRAPHIC: ISIS Releases Sickening Video After Deadly Attack – This Is Their Worst One Yet…


July 5, 2016 1:55pm PST

Days after an ISIS bombing in Baghdad that left 143 people dead, a video has surfaced that shows just how depraved the terrorist group really is.

According to Daily Mail, the cell phone footage appears to show ISIS militants laughing and joking as the screams of a woman being raped were heard in the background.

One of the fighters is seen sitting in the middle of the floor playing with his friend’s underwear and sipping from a small glass in what looks like a living room. Two other terrorists are laughing on the couch while a fourth wanders around the room. The entire time, a woman can be heard being raped as the men joke around.

“I went to Abu Aziz when he shouting for his slave and I stole his clothes – now I came here and now he has no clothes,” one of the terrorist says in an Iraqi accent. “I arrested his clothes (joke). Now I’ll let him go out of the house naked with no clothes. This video is for my love Abu Aziz.”

“Don’t film, don’t film!” the two other terrorists exclaim as they laugh.

Radio Sawa reported that the footage was found on the phone of a dead terrorists, and that the clothes belong to the militant committing the rape.

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