GRAPHIC: Pervert Films Himself RAPING Dogs – Gets A BRUTAL Dose Of Justice


August 23, 2016 6:33pm PST

A man who allegedly live streamed himself raping dogs got a brutal dose of street justice this week when an angry mob of animal rights activists stripped and brutally beat him.

According to Three Percent Nation, the man beat the poor dogs into submission before having sex with them in the township of Shiling in Chengdu, China. He would broadcast the abuse live for thousands of viewers on the internet.

Animal rights activists posed as “fans” of his work to lure the pervert to a meet up. When he arrived, he was stripped by a mob and beaten for several minutes on camera, just like the dogs he violated.

Local residents eventually stopped the beating and called the police. The man remains in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

Unfortunately, the man cannot be arrested in China for abusing the dogs since they were strays, but police are investigating him for the sick content he posted online.

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