Obama ADMITS ‘We Are Training ISIL’ – Trump Was Right…


August 12, 2016 1:44pm PST

Liberals were furious this week when Donald Trump accused Barack Hussein Obama of being the “founder” of ISIS. A newly surfaced video, however, proves Trump was right about this after all.

“We are training ISIL forces,” Obama admitted to reporters earlier this year, according to The Gateway Pundit.

For once, Obama was actually telling the truth here. Back in October of 2014, Obama armed ISIS with Toyota pickup trucks which they stole from U.S. rebels. Later that year, ISIS captured 2,300 humvees when they captured Mosul.

Earlier this month, Wikileaks released documents proving that Hillary Clinton and Obama armed jihadists, including ISIS rebels in Syria.

Once again, Trump has been proven right with the facts, but don’t expect to be hearing anything about this from the mainstream media…


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