While We Were All Focused On The Olympics, Obama Quietly Did THIS


August 16, 2016 5:00pm PST

Americans everywhere are focused on the Olympics right now, so Barack Hussein Obama decided it was the perfect opportunity to quietly do something that could put all of us in major danger.

According to Daily Caller, around half a million Palestinians are currently able to take advantage of the temporary amnesty the Department of Homeland Security has extended to Syrian refugees. DHS secretary Jeh Johnson recently announced that Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is being extended for Syrians until March 31, 2018.

TPS makes it possible for people in the U.S. who are here legally or illegally to be free of risk from deportation, receive welfare, work permits, drivers licenses and social security. TPS isn’t only given to Syrians, it’s also extended to “persons without nationality who last habitually resided in Syria.” The United Nations estimates that around 430,000 Palestinians, who are considered stateless, currently reside in Syria as of June 2016.

From August 1, 2016 until January 30, 2017, these hundreds of thousands of Palestinians can come to the United States illegally and then register for Temporary Protected Status.

Though individuals who have received TPS can’t be given a green card, it can be continually renewed. The Migration Policy Institute has wrote that “some Somali TPS holders have been in the United States for more than 20 years, as Somalia’s TPS designation has been continuously renewed since 1991.”

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