Custom Agents Notice Something ‘Off’ About Muslim At Airport, Then They See Blood…


September 28, 2016 3:05pm PST

A few customs agents were at work at Graz Airport in Austria this week when they noticed a burqa-clad Muslim acting suspiciously. They quickly pulled her inside and searched her bag: that’s when they saw the blood…

The woman was trying to enter Austria after arriving from Morocco when she was stopped at customs. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t quite make it into the European nation…

According to Mad World News, officials were horrified when they found that the woman had two containers filled with human entrails in her luggage. The woman made things even worse when she explained that the entrails belonged to her late husband who had recently died under suspicious circumstances.

The woman was allegedly hoping to have tests performed on her husband’s remains to prove that he had been poisoned. A doctor was brought to the airport to look over the remains, but he said that he would be unable to give an accurate answer without the entire cadaver at his disposal.

Sadly, officials eventually found that no law had been broken by the woman, but that didn’t stop people from being completely weirded out by the incident.

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