GRAPHIC: ISIS Releases CHILLING Execution Video In Clear Message To US


September 19, 2016 5:21pm PST

ISIS has developed a reputation for releasing extremely graphic execution videos to send brutal messages to their enemies. This week, they did this once again when they released a video of an alleged spy being tied to a pole and viciously executed by the terrorist group.

According to Daily Mail, the footage shows the man being shot to death with machine guns. Afterwards, he is beheaded by a militant from the radical shia faction.

As is typical of ISIS execution videos, the man was interviewed before his death, and he referred to himself as a “rafidi.” This is an Islamic term that means “rejectors” or “those who refuse” and it refers to people who have rejected “legitimate” Islamic authority and leadership. The term is often used by Sunnis as a derogatory term for Shia Muslims because the latter believes in a different line of successorship for Islam, following the death of its founder, Muhammed. reported that the video is entitled “So Take Warning” and the footage was filmed in Wilayat Halab, also known as Aleppo, in war torn Syria. It was released on Sunday through ISIS social media.

Like many other execution videos, this one is full of anti-US rhetoric. All of these executions are meant to show the world what will be done to American hostages, should ISIS get their hands on one.

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