BREAKING: Malia Obama Makes MASSIVE Announcement


October 3, 2016 1:41pm PST

The White House is gearing up for a wedding in the coming weeks, and Sasha and Malia Obama will be playing a major role in it.

According to Daily Mail, Sasha and Malia will be acting as bridesmaids when Michelle Obama’s ex-chief-of-staff Kristen Jarvis married Shaun West, Barack Obama’s former Secret Service agent. The wedding will take place in November at the Bellevue Conference Center, which is a mere 30-minute drive from the White House.


Michelle is also expected to attend the wedding. Jarvis acted as her chief-of-staff for seven years before deciding to leave her position last April. She said that during her time in the White House, she developed a “big sister/little sister relationship” with the Obama girls.

“If you know me, you know my love for this chica right here,” Jarvis said when she announced Sasha, 15, as one of her bridesmaids. “I’ve known Sasha since she was three years old, and I couldn’t be more proud of the young woman she has become. She has had to endure more than most will in a lifetime, and she has handled life thus far with such grace and humility.”

Jarvis added that Sasha is “one of the sweetest and down-right coolest people” that she has ever known.

“Sasha and I have had a big sister/little sister relationship since the very beginning and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for this girl—and I know she would do the same for me,” the bride-to-be wrote on her wedding website. “We’ve been thru so many ‘firsts’ together over the years, that I couldn’t imagine this ‘first’ for me without her. Love you lady and so glad to have you up there with me on my special day!!!!”

Malia, 18, has also reportedly been asked to be a bridesmaid.


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