BREAKING: The Pre-Debate Polls Are In – Here’s Who’s Winning


October 18, 2016 4:10pm PST

The final polls before tomorrow night’s presidential debate are in, and they are not making things look very good for Donald Trump…

According to Daily Mail, the latest polls have Hillary Clinton ahead of her rival by six points. The weekly NBC News/Survey Monkey poll published on Tuesday gave her 46 percent support compared to Trump’s 40 percent.


Making matters even worse for Trump is the fact that Clinton leads by a whopping 18 points among likely female voters and is ahead in every female age group. Clinton also has a five point lead among men aged 18-29, and is ahead by one point among men aged 30-44.

Trump, however, has maintained a 12 point lead among men aged 45 and over.

This comes after Trump has spent a week being hammered with sexual assault allegations that he claims were completely fabricated. Despite the fact that there is no evidence to support any of the accusations, the mainstream media continues to report them as fact.

These polls show just how crucial tomorrow night will be for Trump. If he has any hope of winning this election, he NEEDS to win Wednesday’s debate…

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