White House PANICKING After Obama Is Caught On Camera ADMITTING Election Is Rigged


October 19, 2016 2:33pm PST

Barack Obama made headlines this week when he told Donald Trump to “stop whining” about the election being rigged. This came after top liberals like Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren tried to make Trump look crazy for saying that the presidential election has been rigged against him.

That’s why it was particularly humiliating this week when footage emerged of various top Democrats ADMITTING that the election is rigged. According to Truthfeed, the video below shows Obama, Clinton, Warren, and Bernie Sanders all admit that the election system is rigged. Somehow, it’s ok when they say it’s rigged, but it’s NOT ok when Trump says the same thing!

This shows once again just how hypocritical liberals are, and that Trump has been right all along in his claims that this election is rigged. SHARE this story if you think the election is RIGGED against Trump!


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