Gigi Hadid Blasted On Twitter For ‘Racist’ Melania Trump Impersonation


November 21, 2016 1:34pm PST

While hosting the American Music Awards on Sunday night, 21 year-old supermodel Gigi Hadid thought it’d be fun to perform her racist impersonation of Melania Trump for her audience of liberal celebrities. Unfortunately for her, she quickly learned she’d made a huge mistake.

Daily Mail reported that Hadid put on a fake Eastern European accent and contorted her face into a Melania-style pout to mock the future first lady about her plagiarism scandal.

“I love my husband, President Barack Obama. And our children Sasha and Malia,” Gigi said, referring to when Melania supposedly plagiarized Michelle Obama while speaking at the RNC.

The skit did not sit well with viewers, who took to Twitter to let Gigi know that she’d gone too far.


Others slammed Gigi because her hosting in general was terrible.


Her Melania impersonation was what got the most attention, however.


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