BREAKING: ISIS Executes Four In Horrifying New Way

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ISIS militants executed four “traitors” in a truly sickening way on Saturday days after arresting the men for supposedly spying for the United States.

According to Daily Mail, the terrorists forced the families of the men, who were all between the ages of 23 and 29, as they publicly hanged them in the local square. The executions took place in the northeastern Syrian city of Deir Ezzor after a ruling from a Shariah Court. The men had been interrogated for three days before their deaths.

“The radical group arrested four men earlier on Wednesday,” media activist Ahmed Ramadan told Ara News. “After three days of interrogations, the Sharia Court issued a statement calling for their execution on charges of treason and spying for the western coalition and US-backed Syrian factions.”

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“Dozens of people have forcibly witnessed the execution, including the victims’ families,” he added. “It is the latest brutal killing to take place in the city, around 60 per cent of which is held by ISIS.”

 Stories like this remind us that despite what Obama says, ISIS has not been contained. SHARE this story if you think ISIS needs to be stopped NOW!

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