BREAKING: Obama’s FBI Caught Hiding THIS About Terrorists’ Plan

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Ever since ISIS first came on the scene, Barack Hussein Obama has been slammed for his pathetic response to the terrorist group.

According to Conservative Tribune, disturbing new reports were released this week that revealed Obama’s FBI never even bothered to inform Americans that they were on “kill lists” that were created by the Islamic State terror group and spread all over the internet.  Circa News reported that these lists had over 15,000 people on them, and these targets ranged from police and military personnel to college professors and artists.

The people on the list come from all different walks of life, and the one thing they have in common is they all represent the freedoms that America has to offer everyone. These are the very freedoms ISIS hopes to destroy.

Luckily, Circa News was able to obtain these lists and notify the people on them. However, the reporters were stunned when many of the people had no idea they were even on the lists.

“I was terrified. We live in a different world and the Jewish community is a number one target of these radicals,” said one woman on the lists, who asked not to be named. “I’m very upset that I was not notified by the FBI or local law enforcement.”

The FBI fired back by saying they intended to notify everyone on the lists, but they acknowledged that some people got missed given the large number of people targeted. You can find out if you’re on the list by clicking here.

The incompetence of the Obama administration never ceases to amaze us. SHARE this story if you think Obama is one of the WORST presidents of all time!

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