BREAKING: Radical Muslim Beheads 4 Year-Old Girl – SEND PRAYERS

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ISIS has committed tons of unspeakable atrocities at this point, but this might just be their worst one yet…

According to Pamela Gellar, ISIS militants recently beheaded a 4 year-old girl in front of her mother before forcing her to soak her hands in her little daughter’s blood. The terrorists said they beheaded the child as “punishment” for her mother’s behavior. This incident occurred in Raqqa, Syria, ISIS’s de-facto capital.

“A mother told her four-year daughter to go home and she refused,” a witness recounted. “And then the mother told her unintentionally ‘go home and I swear to God that I will behead you if you don’t’.”

An ISIS fighter reportedly overheard this exchange and said, “Since you swore to Allah you should behead her.”

When the mother refused to kill the child, the militants did it themselves instead.

“But they beheaded the little girl and soaked her mother’s hands in her daughter’s blood,” the witness said.

This chilling story exemplifies how depraved and ruthless ISIS really is. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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