BREAKING: Radical Terrorist Kills Police Officer – Takes Family Hostage

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Late last year in Paris, a radical terrorist opened fire and killed over 100 people in the name of Allah. Now, the city has been rocked by yet another terrorist attack, this time in the suburb commune of Magnanville.

According to Young Conservatives, police have surrounded a home where a terrorist is holding hostages. The man reportedly stabbed the homeowner to death, a police officer and his neighbor. Police were later able to raid the home and shoot the terrorist dead. Inside the house, they found the body of a woman but were able to rescue a three year-old child.

The attack began around 9 pm Monday night with the stabbing of off-duty police officer Jean-Baptiste Salvaing, 42. The deputy chief of the judicial police was stabbed nine times in front of his own home before his wife and young son were taken hostage.

Neighbors told police they heard the assailant chanting Islamic slogans as he carried out the attack.

Attacks like this remind us that it is not only America that is plagued by violence. Instead of blaming guns, the way Obama does, it’s crucial that we hold radical Islamists responsible for the unspeakable violence spreading around the world.

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