Clinton Aide Abruptly Ends Interview After Hillary Is Asked THIS

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A reporter from The Washington Post interviewing Clinton this week asked the Democratic presidential hopeful the simple question, “Do you think that Donald Trump is a racist?”

That’s when an aide jumped in to end the interview abruptly.

“Anne, we’re gonna, we’re going to have to go,” Clinton aide Nick Merrill said as he jumped in, according to Conservative Tribune.

Reporter Anne Gearan protested by pointing out that the interview had only gone 90 seconds over the allotted time, so there was no reason to end it. The Clinton campaign, however, wasn’t having any of it. It was only because Clinton herself protested that she answered the question at all.

“Well, I’ll just, yeah, I’ll answer that,” Clinton said. “I don’t know what’s in his heart. I have no way of telling that. I can just say that if you look at what he’s been proclaiming since he started the campaign, he has been engaging in divisive and prejudiced attacks against people.”

Clinton added that “even though I can’t say what’s in his heart, if you say someone can’t do their job because of their heritage, that is certainly a racist attack. And it’s just plain wrong. It has no place in our politics … And I think part of the reason he launched that attack using the racist language he did was to divert attention from the scam that is Trump University.”

This exchange perfectly depicts the lack of transparency in the Clinton campaign. SHARE if you think she should NEVER be president!

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