Fans Furious After Dolly Parton Endorses THIS Presidential Candidate – Will You Still Support Her?

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Dolly Parton’s patriotic country music fans were furious this week when the country music legend endorsed Hillary Clinton in the election, saying that a female president would be “wonderful.”

“Hillary might make as good a president as anybody ever has,” Parton told the New York Times.

“I think no matter if it’s Hillary or Donald Trump, we’re gonna be plagued with PMS either way — presidential mood swings!” she joked, according to Taste of Country. “But I personally think a woman would do a great job. I think Hillary’s very qualified. So if she gets it, I’ll certainly be behind her.”

Parton is currently on her Pure & Simple Tour for her album of the same name. She recently talked about how flattered she is to have a large gay audience along with her country fans.

“I think it’s fun!” the singer said. “You know, we usually have boys all dressed like me, and so when I do ‘Jolene’ and I see a bunch of drag queens out there, I start singing [to the tune of the ‘Jolene’ chorus] ‘drag queen, drag queen, drag queen! Please don’t take my man!’” she says. “I have a huge gay following, and I’m proud of them. Sometimes some of them look more like me than I do.”

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