Hillary Clinton Gets Some VERY Bad News From Federal Judge – It’s Happening

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Hillary Clinton and her husband recently tried to burn Donald Trump by revealing certain documents that would get Trump University in trouble. Unfortunately for her, however, karma came back to bite her and her plan blew up in her face in a big way.

When U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel ruled against Donald Trump this week in a lawsuit against Trump University, he inadvertently dropped a bombshell on Hillary. According to Right Wing News, Curiel unsealed documents relating to the Trump U for-profit real estate program which included information used by the school to convince prospective students to join the program.

The documents also revealed that Robinson Geller, one of the law firms picked by the Judge in the Trump University case, “paid the Clintons nearly half a million dollars in less than a year.”  The very firm Trump has accused of having an anti-Trump bias were awarded this case after Hillary and Bill Clinton had been paid a cool $450,000 for two speeches by the firm.

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