Hillary Panicking After Damning Documents Leak

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The Democrat National Committee has gone into full panic mode this week after the hacker “Guccifer 2.0,” leaked to the public many DNC documents not meant for public consumption.

According to Conservative Tribune, the documents reveal that the DNC was well aware of the many vulnerabilities of Hillary Clinton, and that they were actively planning how to protect her from legitimate attacks. The Daily Caller reported that one of the leaked materials was a 40 page document combining the many avenues of attack opponents could pursue against Clinton about the allegations of corruption and hypocrisy at the Clinton Family Foundation.

The documents also detailed the allegations of Clinton participating in “pay-to-play” schemes while she was serving as Secretary of State, giving favors for special interests and foreign governments in exchange for donations to the Foundation or its subsidiaries. Other documents explained Clinton’s many weaknesses that could be exploited by her Republican counterparts. These weaknesses included her voting record while senator of New York, her role in leaving Libya as a failed state turned terrorist safe haven, and her private email server used to handle classified documents while head of the State Department.

These documents reveal that even the DNC was aware of how weak a candidate Hillary Clinton really is. SHARE this story if you think she should be in JAIL!

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