Hillary’s Past Just Came Back To Haunt Her In A Big Way – This Is Her Worst Nightmare

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When Hillary Clinton was running for the U.S. Senate in New York back in 2000, her opponent Rick Lazio issued a warning about her that rings chillingly true today.

During a debate, moderator Tim Russert asked Clinton if she misled the American people about the Monica Lewinsky scandal in a 1998 interview in which she claimed that the allegations about her husband were a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

“From my perspective, you know, I’m very hopeful that we can go forward in a united way,” Clinton responded, according to Western Journalism. “That certainly is what I’ve tried to do. And I’ve tried to be as forthcoming as I could given the circumstances that I faced. Obviously I didn’t mislead anyone. I didn’t know the truth.”

When Russert asked Lazio about his opinion on this, he let Clinton have it.

“What’s so troubling here with respect to what my opponent just said, is somehow that it only matters what you say when you get caught,” he said. “And character and trust is about well more than that. And blaming others every time you have responsibility? Unfortunately that’s become a pattern, I think, for my opponent.”

Andrew Clarke wrote in the Independent Journal that 16 years later, many think Clinton still follows this same pattern:

Clinton has offered so many lies and contradictory statements about her own actions in the State Department email scandal that it has become complicated to follow them all. When she has apologized, she has included qualifying comments like “even though it was allowed.” No, it wasn’t.

In the Benghazi terrorist attacks, Clinton aided the Obama administration’s false narrative that it was all the result of a video, avoiding responsibility for their own massive security failures. When she did admit wrong-doing, she of course included the qualifying comment that there will always be“unpredictable twists and turns.” And don’t forget her infamous rebuttal: “What difference does it make?”

In essence, Lazio said that lying only matters to Clinton when she gets caught. SHARE if you think this is still true today!

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