Hoodlum Jumps Teen For ‘Being White’ – Gets A RUDE Wakeup Call

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Disturbing video footage shows the moment 16-year-old Kane Millsaps assaults a 12 year-old white boy at random while wearing brass knuckles. Milksops appears to have thought the attack was funny, but he wasn’t laughing anymore when the cops showed up…

According to Mad World News, the victim ended up with a bruised eye, a large cut on his neck, and a hole in his cheek that may require stitches. His mother immediately took him to the police to file a report against Millsaps, and the affidavit notes that when the victim awoke from being knocked out, “He thought he had gravel in his mouth, but it was pieces of his teeth.”

However, since police intervened, things haven’t been going very well for Millsaps. He was arrested soon after the video of the assault went viral, and the District Attorney has now decided to charge the 16 year-old as an adult on felony charges of first-degree battery and for possession of the brass knuckles.

Millsaps could face up to 20 years in prison for the assault captured in this video. SHARE if you think he’s getting what he deserves!

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