Lesbian Parents Caught FORCING Son To Be Gay

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In Obama’s America, the quest for gender equality has taken a truly ridiculous turn.

In the video above this story, you’ll see a lesbian couple explain why and how they are raising their son without any kind of gender norms.

“He’s taking in kind of kid media,” one of the women said, according to Louder with Crowder. “And he has this great book that’s like, just pictures and words. But when you open it up, it’s like, a picture of a girl and a picture of a boy, and it’s like, ‘Girl,’ ‘Boy,’ and I’m just like, ‘Child,’ ‘Child.’”

“This is where he starts learning what things are,” she continued. “And so I hate the idea that he’s getting it imprinted on him that people who look like this are boys, and people who look like that are girls. And even something that’s like Progressive like ‘Sesame Street,’ all the monsters are boys unless they have like a bow in their hair or a sparkly necklace on. Like, why is ‘Old McDonald’ a guy? Why couldn’t it be a lesbian farmer?”

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