Macy’s Tries To Attack Trump – Gets Hit Back With THIS

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It’s been a year now since Donald Trump changed the face of American politics forever by entering the presidential race. The department store chain Macy’s immediately responded by severing all ties with Trump due to his “disparaging” remarks about Mexicans.

However, Macy’s quickly learned that messing with Trump is never a good idea.

According to WND, Trump fired back by declaring a boycott of Macy’s and declaring that they support illegal immigrants. His supporters even shredded thousands of Macy’s cards to fight back against the company.

Over the last twelve months, it’s been Trump who had the last laugh. He is now the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, and Macy’s stock has plummeted. The company is also suffering a year-over-year operating income decline of 40 percent, a 4.4 percent drop in revenue, and a comparable-sales decline of 3.2 percent.

We’re glad to see that karma has come back to bite Macy’s. They just learned the hard way that one should NEVER mess with Donald Trump!

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