Michelle Obama’s Past Comes Back To Haunt Her As Her Darkest Secret Leaks

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At the 2015 State of the Union address, Michelle Obama showed up with a guest who had everyone’s heads turning. Now, the truth about this guest has been revealed, and it’s disturbing.

According to The Political Insider, guest Anthony Mendez was described as a man whose best friend had been murdered in high school and who was in and out of homeless shelters before he beat the odds by graduating high school and attending college.

This week, however, Mendez came clean in a revealing column in which he admitted he “felt like a fraud.” He admitted that when he attended the dinner with Michelle, he already knew he had failed his first semester at the University of Hartford.

“Before even checking, I knew that I had failed all my classes,” he wrote. “With a GPA that didn’t even reach 1.0, I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to return next semester.”

Despite this, the Obamas still allowed him to attend the speech as their guest. Things only got worse for him from there. According to Daily Caller, he sat down with the college president after arriving back from Washington D.C.

“At the meeting, the university president and various other school officials asked about attending the speech, and I told them all about the incredible opportunity,” Mendez said. “Then they showed me my grades. They told me they would give me one more chance, but that this semester, I would need to excel. They offered support and guidance — they wanted me to succeed.”

That didn’t happen, however.

“I found it hard to get back into the groove of school,” he wrote. “My second semester at Hartford let me grow and helped me better understand myself and the world around me. I made friends who I keep close to this day. But once again, I wasn’t able to handle the academic stress. When the summer rolled around, I had another meeting with the school. They told me that I could not come back in the fall. They suggested that I look into community college. Months after attending the State of the Union with the first lady as a shining success story, I was a college dropout.”

Shockingly enough, the Obamas responded to this by inviting Mendez to return to D.C. to be a representative of President Obama’s Reach Higher initiative.

“The same kid who had sat next to the First Lady as an example of how anybody could beat the odds and attend college was no longer even in college,” Mendez wrote. “I felt like a fraud.”

Don’t worry, Mendez, the Obamas are a fraud as well, so you’ll fit right in with them!

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