Muslim Sues Boss For Saying She Can’t Wear Hijab – Judge Gives Her a BRUTAL Wakeup Call

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Liberals are furious this week after it was revealed that companies in the EU can now officially ban Muslim employees from wearing head coverings to work. According to American News, this decision was revealed by a senior jurist in a case involving British security firm G4S.

The ruling says that a headscarf ban could “be justified in order to enforce a legitimate policy of religious and ideological neutrality pursued by the employer.”

Juliane Kokott, a German advocate general at the EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg, said the ban has to be based on a “general company rule” on religious symbols of any type and must be “proportional.” She added that the issue is so “delicate” that national courts should have “a measure of discretion which they may exercise in strict accordance with EU rules.”

The case came about when G4S fired Samira Achbita, a Muslim receptionist at one of its offices in Belgium, for refusing to take off her hijab at work. She filed a lawsuit for damages in Belgian courts and earned the backing of the Belgian Centre for Equal Opportunities and Combating Racism.

Unfortunately for Achbita, however, judges have now ruled against her on two occasions. She is appealing the decision in Belgium’s Court of Cassation.

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