Obama Admin. Makes Horrifying Move Against Christians – This Is NOT Good

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Last week, Barack Hussein Obama and his sidekick Joe Biden marked the “International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia” by making a series of ridiculously condescending comments

However, while everyone was focused on Obama, Biden made some incredibly offensive remarks against Christians that shows how much this religious group is discriminated against in Obama’s America.

According to Eagle Rising, Biden argued that the “rights” of homosexuals were being violated by the simple fact that Christianity continues to exist. He then claimed that both him and his band of liberal followers will not rest until they put an end to the “hatred” of “religious condemnation” toward homosexuality.

Here is Biden’s full statement:

My father taught me the simple notion that everyone, everywhere is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. When it comes to LGBT people, that simple proposition has been painfully difficult to accomplish over the years. But in the last decade, thanks to the astounding bravery of the LGBT community and those who have championed their cause, the United States has made remarkable progress toward the ultimate goal of equality in law and in life. Our progress remains incomplete, but the momentum has shifted in the right direction.

Progress has also been made in many places around the world. But in too many places, life for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals is actually getting worse. In too many places, LGBT community members face violence with impunity, mistreatment by police, the denial of healthcare, or religious condemnation and social isolation.

The best mechanism to confront this hatred is to speak up in favor of universal human rights. Supportive voices must be heard. Today and every day, let us continue to defend the rights of LGBT people, whether from nearby cities or far-off villages. We cannot rest until everyone receives the dignity, respect, and equal treatment under the law that all people deserve.

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