Obama-Voter Tries To Steal American Flag – Gets a BRUTAL Dose Of Instant Justice

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Two hoodlums recently tried to steal an American flag from the front of a home in Campbell, California. Though they initially got away with it, they were recorded by a security camera, leading them to get the instant justice they deserved.

“As mad as it makes me to see someone steal Old Glory, watching them get what they deserve puts a big smile on my face,” wrote Harper Jacobsen on thethreefour, in reaction to the video.

According to Western Journalism, the footage shows the thief try to flee the scene with the flag in his hands, only to fall on his face when he tries to jump over a fence. He was eventually able to get up and hobble away, as Jacobsen said, “to continue his pathetic life.”

The crime has been reported to the local police, and they are still looking for suspects.

“There are few things out there that I can think of that would be more despicable to steal than an American flag,” Jacobsen wrote. “The only reason I can think of that someone would swipe the Stars and Stripes is that they have something against America.”

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