She Had Horrifying Pain During Sex – What Doctors Pulled Out Of Her…OMG!

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A 26 year-old woman from the African nation of Camaroon was recently crippled with stomach pain so badly that she couldn’t eat. When she eventually went to the doctors, she was shocked by what he pulled out of her, but then she remembered that she’d had sex two weeks before…

According to Mad World News, the doctors initially did a quick scan, which showed fluid buildup and swelling. This got the doctors thinking that the woman had appendicitis, but they quickly realized they were wrong.

They scheduled an emergency operation on the woman, but even they were stunned by what they found inside her.

“We blindly dissected the appendix and found an incomplete piece of rubbery material which was consistent with a condom,” one of the doctors said in the Journal of Medical Case Reports.

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The woman was initially surprised, but then she remembered participating in oral sex with a partner two weeks prior when the condom came loose. The condom accidentally slipped down her throat, but after defecating some fragments out in the next few days, the woman thought she was fine. Doctors believe some of the fragments became lodged in her appendix, which created the issue.

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