Sheriff Joe Makes Massive Announcement After Orlando Shooting – Obama Voters Are FURIOUS

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Like millions of other Americans, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona was devastated to learn of the horrifying terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida over the weekend that left 49 people dead at the hand of a radical Islamist. Sick of seeing our country get attacked, Sheriff Joe decided that he will use his own inmates to fight back with some patriotism.

According to Conservative Tribune, Sheriff Joe has ruled that American flags will be affixed to the inmates’ uniforms starting on Flag Day on Tuesday. The first members of the prison to have flags placed on their uniforms will be the male chain gangs.

“When our flag is lifted up, we too feel we can rise above our circumstances,” Arpaio explained. “My hope is that incarcerated inmates begin to get a sense of honor when wearing the flag.”

This is sure to annoy the America-hating illegal immigrants, but Sheriff Joe doesn’t give a hoot what they think. Patriotism is extremely important to him, and he shows it by placing American flags in the jail cells and making the inmates listen to the national anthem every morning.

“Each day inmates listen to ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ and ‘God Bless America’ on the public address system, a practice Arpaio began 10 years ago. For the same number of years, under the sheriff’s direction, American flags have been attached in each jail cell,” read a statement from the sheriff’s department. “Sheriff Arpaio instructed that inmates found defacing the flags to be placed on bread and water, as a form of discouragement.”

Liberals are furious about Sheriff Joe’s latest plan, but we love it. SHARE this story if you stand by what Sheriff Joe is doing!

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