Sheriff Joe UNLOADS On Anti-Trump Flag Burners – Hits Them With THIS

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Anti-Trump protesters have been burning flags and causing violence all over America for months now, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio is sick of it.

During an appearance on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co., Arpaio was asked what happened to the protesters who were arrested in Arizona over the weekend.

“Are they still in prison or what?” host Stuart Varney asked, according to Right Wing News.

“They probably were released on bond. What else is new?” Arpaio lamented, making it clear that he thinks those hoodlums should still be in jail.

Varney then ranted against the protesters, saying they “stopped free speech.”

“I think the protesters raised the hostility level as opposed to the Trump people themselves,” Varney said.

Here’s how Arpaio responded:

“Well, I don’t see the media angry about it. I don’t see the activists angry about it. They just get angry at Trump. He’s just trying to exercise his First Amendment, trying to get the message out. We had thousands and thousands and thousands of people waiting, waiting to see him and you’ve got some people that want to disrupt that forum and I’ll tell ya, they’re in jail and we have to do something about what’s happening to Trump. Everybody’s after him and that’s sad. That’s very sad.”

We applaud Arpaio for continuing to take a stand against the mainstream media!

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