Tim Allen Makes Heartbreaking Announcement – He Needs Our Prayers

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Tim Allen is known by millions of fans as one of the funniest men in Hollywood, but life hasn’t always been easy for him.

According to Right Wing News, Allen recently opened up about his past struggles with addiction, and told fans about how God got him through his darkest days.

“I always do ask — whoever put me here; The Builder — what did You want me to do? I just want a relationship with Whoever built me,” Allen said. “This is too much; too weird that it happened by accident. I don’t believe that I happened by accident.”

Thanks to God’s grace, Allen has been sober for over a decade. He now spends his free time talking about the many virtues of God.

“I used to live an isolated existence, even in relationships, but now my family knows me for who I really am. Mostly, that’s a good thing…” he said. “Yesterday I was swimming with my 3 year-old, and I looked up and thought, ‘How wonderful this world is.’ We’re always searching for something, but it’s going to be all right. Stop fretting so much.”

“Seeing the worst parts of my behavior helped me to understand the better parts,” Allen added. “So while I’m still more anxious than I want to be most of the time, I’m far less anxious than I used to be. I was doing comedy clubs, concerts, movies and TV, and didn’t ever realize how fatigued I was or how much I was missing in my life.”

God bless you, Tim Allen!

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