Trump Reveals The First Thing He’ll Do As President – This Is Obama’s Worst Nightmare

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During a speech on Wednesday, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump laid out his 8-point plan of action for his first 100 days in office.

According to Western Journalism, his plans include appointing judges determined to “uphold the Constitution” and protect the Second Amendment, putting rules into place which allow for “good paying jobs” to not be taken by illegal immigrants, being firm with countries that “cheat on trade,” rescinding rules allowing companies to move jobs overseas, lifting the restrictions on the production of energy, replacing Obamacare, creating new jobs by passing massive tax reforms, and imposing tougher rules of ethics for the Secretary of the State.

“There is one common theme in all of these reforms — it’s going to be America first. On Election Day, the politicians stand trial before the people. The voters are the jury. Their ballots are the verdict,” Trump said.

Trump went on to slam Hillary Clinton, saying that if she becomes president, she will spend “hundreds and millions” of dollars on bringing in additional Middle Eastern refugees.

“For the amount of money Hillary Clinton would like to spend on refugees, we could rebuild every inner city in America,” Trump said.

“People are going to start working again. Parents are going to start dreaming big for their children again, including parents in our inner cities,” Trump concluded his speech.

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