Trump’s Former Campaign Manager Scores Massive New Job – You Won’t Believe Where…

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Just days after being fired as campaign manager for Donald Trump, Corey Lewandowski has scored himself a shocking new gig.

According to Politico, Lewandowski has been hired by CNN as a political commentator. The position is a salaried one that makes him exclusive to CNN, and he will begin immediately.

Lewandowski was fired by Trump on Monday morning, and appeared on CNN hours later for a controversial interview with Dana Bash. He reportedly went straight from the set into an interview with CNN executives.

Minutes after news broke that Lewandowski had been hired, Trump issued two tweets against CNN.

“CNN, which is totally biased in favor of Clinton, should apologize. They knew they were wrong,” he tweeted, linking to a report by the conservative website Breitbart.

“Here is another CNN lie. The Clinton News Network is losing all credibility. I’m not watching it much anymore” Trump said, linking to another article about CNN getting fact checked by Breitbart.

All those who work in the Trump campaign are required to sign non-disclosure agreements, which prohibits them from releasing any confidential or disparaging information about Trump. The Associated Press reported that the NDA stated that employees are restricted from publicly disclosing information “of a private, proprietary or confidential nature or that Mr. Trump insists remain private” or confidential and is binding during employment and “and at all times thereafter.”

Rick Tyler, the former communications director for Ted Crus who joined MSNBC four days after being fired from his position, said this hiring was “a good move” for all involved.

“Corey seems to be really where I was; He worked for Trump, was loyal to Trump and will continue to be loyal to Trump, and he has maintained he wants to continue to help him. I don’t know if that’s a result of his NDA or probably more likely he just feels personally loyal to him,” Tyler said.

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