Two Hoodlums Steal From Delivery Truck – Patriotic Driver Gives Them Some BRUTAL Justice

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Two young hoodlums in Memphis, Tennessee thought it’d be a good idea to steal sodas from a Coca-Cola delivery truck whose driver was armed. Unfortunately for them, however, one of the boys ended up paying the ultimate price for their crime.

According to Conservative Tribune, the delivery driver was inside a Family Dollar store when trying to funnel soda bottles from his truck onto theirs, so he immediately ran outside and scared them away.  Dashun Dye, 19, then returned a short time later to threaten the driver, so the trucker pulled out his gun to protect himself and shot the young man dead.

“My brother did not deserve to get shot eight times,” Dye’s sister, Monitra Cage, later claimed, though the evidence suggested otherwise. Police did not agree with her, however, and have decided not to charge the driver with any crime.

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WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

WREG reported that Dye and his friends were recently arrested for brutally beating up a teenager and then uploading a video of the altercation to Facebook.

“Police said back in December a group of guys met up with the victim at a nearby convenience store and then invited him over to play Xbox,” the station reported. “But instead of a friendly game, the teen was met with fists, feet and rage, and no one stopped the nightmare.”

While we certainly sympathize with Dye’s family, the young man should have known that there would be consequences for breaking the law. Young people need to know that when you try to commit a crime, you are always putting your life at risk.

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