What Happened Immediately After Obama Spoke In Canada Will Make You SICK

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Earlier today, we reported that Barack Hussein Obama travelled to Canada on Wednesday to give a speech to their parliament. However, it’s what happened immediately after the speech that has patriots everywhere feeling nauseous today…

According to Western Journalism, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau kissed up to Obama, saying his fellow liberal has brought “new energy and hope” to relationships between the two nations. He introduced Obama by saying the two have a “bromance.”

“My time in office may be nearing an end, but I know that Canada and the world will benefit from your leadership in the years to come,” Obama said of Trudeau.

After Obama’s speech, the room of Canadians erupted into applause, with the members of parliament chanting “four more years,” indicating that they want Obama to spend another term in office. Little to they know that this is almost every Americans’ worst nightmare…

What do you think about this sickening display? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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