Whoopi Runs Her Mouth After Orlando Shooting, Calls for Gun Ban… Gets a BRUTAL Response

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On Monday, the obscenely liberal panel on ABC’s The View discussed the Orlando terrorist attack that left 49 people dead. Like many other liberals, the hosts refused to blame the jihadist killer and instead spent all their time slamming the Second Amendment supporters and Christians.

Whoopi Goldberg began by asking host Raven-Symone what she thought about the tragedy. The young woman praised America for the way they have come together since the shooting, but then asked, “Where are the gun laws?”

Joy Behar agreed, lamenting that people on the U.S. no-fly list can buy “assault rifles.”

“What is wrong with people in this country?” she said, according to Western Journalism.

Whoopi Goldberg then opened her big, ignorant mouth by claiming that people “misread” the Second Amendment and Americans’ right to bear arms.

“The Constitution doesn’t say you can carry hundreds of guns,” she said. “It says you can protect your home, it says you can protect yourself.”

“All you people on Twitter that like to come after folks, back up, because you can’t explain this,” a clearly-agitated Whoopi continued. “You can’t explain this away. … There’s no reason for anybody to have a machine gun … Keep your stuff to yourself. I don’t care what you think. Back off me. I don’t care.”

The hosts then called for America to get a greater separation of church and state, and for Christians to show more love. This of course made no sense, since the attack was perpetrated by a hateful Muslim.

In the end, all Whoopi and her friends accomplished with this rant was showing how ignorant they are. SHARE if you think The View should be CANCELLED!

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