You Won’t Believe How Much Michelle Obama’s African Vacation Is Costing Us…

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This week, Michelle Obama embarked on a lavish vacation to Africa and Spain that is being paid for by American tax dollars. Now, Americans are getting an idea of just how much this trip will cost us.

According to Downtrend, Michelle casually stopped in Morocco on Tuesday to give the country $100 million so that their girls can go to school. While this may sound like a sweet sacrifice, it actually wasn’t Michelle’s money that she was giving away. No, this $100 million came straight from our hard-earned tax dollars, meaning millions of Americans worked tirelessly for this money that Michelle just handed over to another nation.

Unfortunately, this money is only the beginning of the eventual total cost we’ll be spending for this vacation. Between flights and hotels for Michelle and her entourage, Americans will likely be spending millions more for this six-day trip.

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