You Won’t Believe How Much Michelle’s Morocco Trip Cost Us…

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Earlier this week, Michelle Obama travelled to Morocco for one of the legs of her multi-million dollar vacation to Africa and Spain that was funded by the American taxpayers. Now, it has been revealed just how much Michelle’s one night in Morocco cost us, and the numbers are infuriating.

According to the Free Beacon, Michelle’s 24 hour visit to Morocco cost American taxpayers $612,322 in hotel and car rental costs alone. Rooms were booked at three five-star hotels for Michelle and her entourage, which included her daughters, her mother, and her Secret Service detail.

Two contracts were signed at the five-star at the Royal Mansour worth $50,000 and $10,073. The luxury hotel boasts a mother-daughter spa suitepromises its guests “wonder, luxury and unparalleled services,” and offers a “spiritual spa journey.”

Michelle also booked rooms at the Hotel Sofitel Marrakech Lounge and Spa, with contracts worth $200,000$31,968, and $28,039. The Secret Service agents stayed there for $133,493, and a pre-advance visit cost $4,676.

Additional rooms were booked at the Pearl Marrakech Hotel, costing taxpayers $24,934.

Michelle rented a personal car and driver for her visit for $6,966. Other car services for the Secret Service, the White House Military Office, and the White House Communications Agency totaled $122,173, with the contracts totaling $612,322 in all.

The Daily Mail estimated that flights for the trip cost $300,000, meaning that Michelle’s one day stay in Morocco likely cost us almost a million dollars.

Michelle has claimed she travelled to Liberia, Morocco, and Spain for this vacation just to promote female education. Clearly, this is a lie, and Michelle really is using this as another excuse to spend millions of our tax dollars on her own lavish lifestyle.

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