You Won’t Believe What Obama Just Spent $313,804 Of Our Tax Dollars On…

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Throughout his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama has taken great pleasure in spending millions of our hard-earned tax dollars on his own lavish lifestyle. He did this once again when he recently spent over $300,000 of our tax dollars on his trip to Hiroshima, Japan.

According to Free Beacon, Obama spent $313,804 on the trip to give a speech calling for a “world without nuclear weapons” at the site of the atomic bomb attack that put an end to World War II.

The money Obama spent included $134,569 for accommodations for a foreign ministers meeting for the G7 summit in Hiroshima, $5,487 to rent a conference room, and $7,002 for “POTUS working space” in the Grand Prince Hotel. Obama’s hotel accommodations cost $15,251 at the Rihga Royal Hotel and $36,241 at the Grand Prince. Taxpayers were charged $3,625 for rooms for the Secret Service, and another conference room was booked for $4,164.

Obama was in Hiroshima for less than four hours, making these extravagances at our expense even worse.

Millions of Americans are struggling just to survive thanks to Obama’s ridiculous policies. It’s sickening that he is STILL shamelessly using millions of our tax dollars to fund his own expensive lifestyle!

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