You Won’t Believe What Obama’s Media Just Did For Hillary…

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Just one day after Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, CNN made it clear just how behind her they are by trying to play mind games with their viewers as they sent a disturbing subliminal message.

When Hillary took the stage for her victory speech in New York on Tuesday night, she looked like a 70 year-old woman in a plain white pantsuit, so CNN took it upon themselves to manipulate the footage the next morning. According to Mad World News, CNN doctored the footage by illuminating Hillary and infusing her with a golden light from above. The light swirled around her as if she was Jesus Christ himself, risen from the dead.

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CNN isn’t the only liberal outlet manipulating their viewers to vote Hillary. On Monday night, the Associated Press made an even worse move when they ran a headline that said, “Clinton Has Delegates To Win Nomination.” This enraged supporters of Bernie Sanders, since the final primaries didn’t even happen until Tuesday. As a result, countless Sanders likely stayed home that day thinking their votes no longer counted, as Hillary had clinched the nomination already.

THIS is what Donald Trump is up against. The mainstream media will make Hillary look like a saint, literally bathing her in golden light, while they vilify him.

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