BREAKING: Bill Clinton Caught Doing The Unthinkable – This Could DESTROY Hillary

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in hot water this week after a list of demands her husband made before a six-figure speaking engagement went viral.

According to Conservative Tribune, Bill’s handlers sent out a list of what they called “reasonable expenses” before he spoke at an event at University of California Davis Mondavi Center back in 2002. Though the engagement was only 70 miles away from where Bill was staying in San Francisco, he demanded that he be flown to the venue by a private jet.

Documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times revealed that when Bill arrived at the hotel, he racked up a bill of $1400 by making a series of long distance phone calls before having a lavish $700 dinner for two. All of his expenses were paid for by the event organizers, who also had to pay his six figure speaking fee in order to get him to the event.

The Times reported that the Clintons “changed the rules of political speech-making for cash.” SHARE this story if they make you SICK!

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