BREAKING: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Linked To TERROR – This Could Destroy Her

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in full panic mode this week after it was revealed that her closest aide Huma Abedin has direct ties to the Muslim World League, which has  funded Islamic terrorism.

Breitbart recently launched an investigation that found that the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs operated out of the league’s London-based office, and that Abedin previously worked for the institute. Vanity Fair went so far as to classify the institute as an ostensible “Abedin family business,” since the aide’s brother and sister have each worked there as well.

In a State Department cable that was obtained by Wikileaks, Clinton’s office specifically designated the Muslim World League a terrorist organization in 2009. According to Conservative Tribune, the cable also listed talking points that were to be used in diplomatic negotiations with Saudi Arabia. Abedin easily could have handed these talking points right back to the Muslim World League, which had close ties with the Saudi government.


This means that Clinton tried to stop the Muslim World League’s sponsorship of terrorism at the very same time that her most trusted aide’s “family business” was operating out of the MWL’s office. Either Clinton’s infamous incompetence prevented her from seeing this link, or she knowingly ignored it, which would make her an indirect accomplice to corruption of the highest level.

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