BREAKING: House Republicans Make Major Move Against Hillary Clinton – She’s Panicking

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Hillary Clinton got some very bad news on Thursday when House Republicans introduced a bill that would revoke security clearances from her and her top aides.

According to The Political Insider, the bill was introduced by Republican Sens. Cory Gardner (Colo.) and John Cornyn (Texas), and it has been dubbed TRUST Act. It cane days after FBI Director James Comey announced that Clinton had her staff were Clinton and her staff “were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”

Gardner spoke out to say that this decision by the FBI has forced Congress to take action.

“If the FBI won’t recommend action based on its findings, Congress will. At the very least, Secretary Clinton should not have access to classified information and our bill makes sure of it,” Gardner said, according to Conservative Tribune.

“When individuals mishandle our country’s most sensitive information they jeopardize national security and shouldn’t be trusted with such an important responsibility,” Cornyn added.

House Speaker Paul Ryan also spoke out to say that Clinton shouldn’t be given the classified briefings that are handed over to presidential candidates.

“I think the DNI, the Director of National Intelligence should block her access to classified information given how recklessly she handled this during the presidential campaign,” he said. “If she becomes president, that’s one thing. But I don’t think she should get classified information, and I think the DNI should block it given how recklessly she handled this from the start.”

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