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Midtown Manhattan was on lockdown from midnight to around 8am this morning after a man threw a suspicious package into a police car near Times Square.

According to Daily Mail, the man threw the package into the cruiser at around midnight before speeding away in his Chrysler SUV, starting a chase around the entire city that lasted for about two hours. At around 2am, police finally caught up to the man at Columbus Circle by Central Park in Manhattan and they quickly put the area on lockdown.

The suspect, who has been identified as 52 year-old Hector Meneses, refused to exit his vehicle, telling negotiators that he had a bomb strapped to his chest and that he “wanted to die.”

The incident finally ended around 8am, when police used pepper spray to take Meneses down and arrest him.

“Columbus Circle #ESU placed the man in SUV into custody without incident. Great job by all. No injuries,” a Special Ops spokesman reported.

The suspicious package ended up being a fake bomb, and Meneses did not end up having any explosives strapped to his chest. However, since the incident continued into rush hour, it caused mass traffic jams and ruined commutes all over the city. Witnesses reported that the situation was extremely traumatizing.

“We were sleeping by the water fountain when we heard a cop saying ‘come out with your hands up,'” said Jennifer Constanza. “Next thing I know a cop tells us to leave. They told us a suicide bomber was nearby.”

We’re thankful that nobody was hurt in this disturbing incident.

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