Call for Popular Fox News Host to be Fired for Saying THIS Live on Air

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After the devastating shooting on Sunday that left three Baton Rouge police officers dead at the hands of a radical race-baiter, Fox News host Shep Smith interviewed former Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA), and things quickly got messy.

According to Breitbart, Jindal continually used the phrase “all lives matter” during the interview. While many patriots have rallied around the phrase since the Black Lives Matter movement was formed, Smith submitted to Barack Obama by slamming Jindal for using it.

“Governor, you know that phrase you just used is one that is seen by many as derogatory, right?” Smith asked Jindal. “I just wonder why it is that you used that phrase when there’s a certain segment of the population that believes it’s a real dig on them.”

Jindal refused to backdown and continued to use the phrase, but Smith wouldn’t let it go and fired back by saying the phrase is divisive.

“I don’t understand why – governor why do you say that?” Smith continued. “I mean, it’s certainly a given that that’s the case because every life matters, on every level, but you know that’s a very, very divisive phrase that a lot of people hear and become really upset about and I just wonder why you keep using it.”

Fans have since called for Smith to be fired for submitting to Obama’s race-baiting. Do you think Fox should fire Shep Smith? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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