Combat Veteran Catches Obama-Voters Burning American Flag – DESTROYS Them With THIS

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In Obama’s America, it has suddenly become “cool” for young protesters to burn the American flag to show how much they hate this country. Now, one combat veteran who risked his life as he fought for this nation has had enough.

Combat veteran Pete Hegsweth, a Fox News contributor and former director of Vets for Freedom, witnessed a flag burning incident outside the Republican National Convention on Tuesday that resulted in the protesters being arrested. He later some to The Daily Caller about how he handled the protesters by asking them one simple question.

“I went up to the protesters and wore an American flag hat and said, ‘Why do you hate America? Do you want to burn this flag? Why do you want to burn this flag?’ Most of them had no good answers,” Hegseth said, according to Conservative Tribune.

Liberals whined that the protesters should not have been sent to jail, but Hegsweth  thinks they got what they deserved.

“Go to jail,” Hegseth said. “Follow the law. I was right there as it began. It was probably two dozen people in black shirts chanting about Communist revolution, some psychobabble nonsense. They pull out the flag, try to light it, spill some lighter fluid. He lit the flag and his own leg on fire.”

He also expressed support for the police officers who arrested the men.

“The cops were amazing,” he said. “They knew exactly what to do and how to do it. They focused on the chief agitators. It wasn’t a lawful protest and no, you can’t light things on fire in the middle of a public street.”

Hegsweth then issued a final message to other conservative patriots who want to counter flag burners like the ones in Cleveland.

“They think they know what they hate, but they don’t realize how charmed they are to live in a country where they can do just that,” Hegseth said. “Let’s expose them for who they really are and then let’s expose the cops for what a great job they do.”

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