Hoodlums Burn Two American Flags In Elderly Woman’s Yard, Then Get A BRUTAL Dose Of Reality

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An elderly woman in Maryville, Tennessee got a nasty surprise recently when she discovered that someone had stolen her American flags and burned them on her property. The 79 year-old woman was heartbroken as her neighbors rallied around her and reported the incident to police.

“Why, why her flag, I don’t understand why, it’s a 79-year-old woman. She wouldn’t hurt a fly,” DeWayne Phillips, the homeowner’s son, told WATE. “We think it’s kids that possibly don’t know any better. Why?”

According to Conservative Tribune, American Legion Post 13 and the Maryville Police Department rushed to the scene to undo the damage in the most epic way possible. The unnamed woman now has 20 American flags outside her home and six more inside if any need to be replaced. The patriotic display is sure to stick it to the liberal nitwits who thought it’d be fun to burn her flags.

“We got to show that we can’t let that happen around here, or anywhere,” said American Legion member Charlie Walton.

“We’re not going to stop; we’ll put up flags every day. If they burn them down, every day we’ll put up a new flag. Every day,” Phillips added.

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