Obama-Voting McDonald’s Worker Refuses To Serve Texas Cop – Gets A BRUTAL Dose Of Reality

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A race-baiting McDonald’s employee just learned the hard way that disrespecting Texan police officers is never a good idea.

According to Breitbart, a McDonald’s employee was fired this week after refusing to serve an off-duty cop at a restaurant in Brenham, Texas.

“One of our employees, who was off duty with his family, was refused service at a local restaurant simply for being a Police Officer,” Chief Craig Goodman said on the Department’s Facebook page. “The Brenham Police Department continues to receive incredible support from our community and we are grateful for this wonderful partnership.”

The incident occurred when the officer arrived at the McDonald’s with his family and was recognized by a female employee, who refused to serve him.

“We know this was an isolated incident that involved a single employee who is not fond of Law Enforcement” Goodman wrote. “It is my hopes and prayers that this employee and anyone else who has a negative view of Law Enforcement address the real and/or perceived problem(s) through positive communication with us.”

The chief added that the employee’s son is in police custody for a “serious offense” and that she does not have a “pleasant view or a positive view of law enforcement.”

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