Six BLM Hoodlums Surround Marine Veteran At McDonald’s – Then This Happens

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A former Marine was enjoying a burger at McDonald’s recently when a group of teenage hoodlums approached him and asked, “Do you believe black lives matter?” When he ignored him, they knocked him unconscious and robbed him in a crime that shows just how far Obama’s America has fallen.

According to The Blaze, Christopher Marques was the recipient of a Bronze Star for valor after serving in the Iraq war. He was at a McDonald’s in Washington D.C. when the group of race-baiters started harassing him. When he left the establishment, he was beaten and robbed in the restaurant’s parking lot.

“I remember this group of teens harassing me while I was eating, they surrounded my table and kept on asking me ‘Do you believe black lives matter?’” Marquez told the Daily Caller. “Then they started calling me a racist. I can’t recall if they were saying anything else to me at this moment because the blow to my head really screwed up my memory.”

“I believe this was a hate crime, and I was targeted because of my skin color,” Marquez added. “Too many of these types of attacks have been happening against white people by members of the black community and the majority of the mainstream media refuses to report on it.”

Police are still trying to track down the hoodlums who committed this horrible act of violence.

“I really think this group of teens is dangerous and will do this type of thing again if they are not caught,” Marquez said.

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