Trump Breaks His Silence About France Truck Terrorist Attack

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The world was stunned on Thursday night when 80 people were killed in Nice, France when a truck plowed through families celebrating Bastille Day.

Within minutes of the attack, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump was already taking action and speaking out to offer his condolences. According to Daily Mail, Trump immediately told Fox News host Bill O’Reilly that, “this is war,” as he quickly realized Muslim extremists were behind the attack.

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He also said that he plans to ask Congress to declare war on ISIS when he is elected president. Trump then called ISIS a “cancer” and said that NATO should be used “for a purpose.”

Later on, Trump called for Obama to admit that the problem is “radical Islam.”

“Generally speaking, I don’t think the people come out of Sweden, OK?” Trump said of the attackers. “It’s probably, possibly, but if it is indeed radical Islamic terrorism, it’s about time that [Obama] would say so, OK? It’s about time, because you’re never gonna solve this problem unless you’re gonna define it. People would sigh with relief. If it’s radical Islamic terrorism, he oughta say it.”

“We have to tighten things up. Look at San Bernardino, what happened there,” he continued. “You look at Paris, prior to this, 130 people dead. Hundreds of people still in the hospital. I mean, what are we doing? We’re trying to be so nice. We’re trying to be so civil. We’re so weak, the world has got to strengthen up and we have to be very tight with our borders.”

“We’re living in a whole different world that there’s no respect for law and order. There’s no respect for anything or anybody,” Trump said. “This has to be dealt with very harshly. When I come out with my non-politically correct statements that a lot of people love and some people think are so terrible and then you have attacks like this and so many other attacks. We have to get awfully tough and we have to get very, very smart and vigilant. And if we don’t, we’re just not going to have a society, we’re not going to have a world anymore.”

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